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It is often worthwhile for a company to concentrate on its own core competencies

The time from conception to the finished component is very often underestimated, which is why an experienced service provider with specialists, modern equipment and efficient workflows is the right solution.

From the first idea to a serially produced device / product.

Feasibility Study
Is that even possible?

The basis for the decision whether and how a project/idea can be realized is examined in the feasibility analysis. Here the first rough plans for a project are analyzed and first components and materials can be determined for the project. If the idea for the project is feasible, we create a detailed project plan, in which an overview of all tasks is summarized and all work steps are defined.

Through the analysis the first rough costs can already be determined and a time schedule for the project can be created.

Concept Smart Home Systems

The concept of Smart Home is known to many: Domestic appliances are networked with the Internet and with each other. This results in automation and control possibilities. From lamps to heating, many elements can be integrated into the Smart Home system. Condev-Automation GmbH can offer a lot of experience for the different Smart Home systems: KNX, EnOcean, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Modbus. Furthermore DMX512, LIN, LoRa, LoRaWAN, RF-ID, WLAN, GSM, UMTS, LTE.

Experiences in the area of analog and digital circuit technology including high-speed design DDR memory, USB3.x, LAN, PoE).

Von einer einfachen Relaissteuerung bis hin zu einem eigenen embedded PC ist fast alles möglich.

From a simple relay control to your own embedded PC, almost anything is possible. Due to this experience we are able to design and realize individual needs in the field of Smart Home.

Conception lighting technology

Today, modern lighting systems must be able to do more than ever before. The simple switching on and off via the light switch is no longer state of the art. Luminaires (especially LED luminaires) are networked and controlled by light controls. The possibilities for this are manifold and individually realizable.

A light control system basically connects the (LED) lights with switches and sensors. It enables an automatic control of the light, which previously had to be done manually. Everything can be automated: from switching and dimming to monitoring and remote control. Even networking with a building control system is no problem.

Daylight control

In daylight control, intelligent sensors determine the current illuminance in the room. If sufficient daylight is available, the lights dim down or switch off. If the amount of daylight decreases, the luminaires switch on. The illuminance therefore remains constant throughout.


The most important reason for lighting control is energy saving. Your energy consumption is reduced immensely and you save money. Sensors switch on light only when you really need it.

Thoughts like “Did I turn off the light?” are a thing of the past – after all, lighting simply regulates itself.

Your advantages with us

Our customers benefit from our broad and extensive experience in all areas from audio technology to electrical drive systems. This experience enables us to offer our customers the essential advantage of getting the three disciplines of electronics, IT and mechanics from one source, thus saving time and money.

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